A group of four enthusiasts dedicated to oil treatment and the nutritional value of its
seeds, started an exploring journey of tastes in the Greek territories.
The primary aim of this group is producing and making available, products
that open the road to healthier and more delicious choices,
enhancing life quality levels.
The Olive Family is hoping to transform everyday diet habits to a complete experience
of aesthetic and taste value, supplying the market with high quality products of special
appearance and above all of Greek origins.
Mediterranean people recognised the nutritional and therapeutic value of olive
oil many centuries ago. Besides, the Mediterranean diet is tradition has got a lot
to offer to modern people.
The olive oil is rich in iron and in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E, K and enhances your
body's health and well-being from the inside to the outside.
Consumption of this kind of oil has proved beneficial for the prevention of cancer
and heart diseases.



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